Who We Are

Kalabharathi is a community-based group that was formed to offer a forum for people with interests or roots in indian diaspora to celebrate its culture, traditions and festivals.

Since 2003, when it first organized Ganesha Chaturthi as a community event, Kalabharathi has continuously celebrated this event as a nine-day festival. Celebrations included archana, bhajans, music, dance and recitals. Participants in these activities were either children who were students in local art, dance and music schools, or talented artists and musicians from the community.

Kalabharathi is currently focused on offering Indian emigre community in New York Metro Area an opportunity to come together and take part in collective celebration of festivals, and social and cultural events.

Our long-term goal is to:

  • Expand collective events to Indian Art, Music, Theater and Drama
  • Offer learning opportunities – Languages, Crafts and Skills
  • Provide recreational activities – to Families, Elderly, Youth and children

Transform into an organization that offers our next generation a window:

  • To know and experience their cultural history and heritage
  • Get exposure to wonder that’s India – a way of life their parents experienced

Provide a platform – where past and present converge for a future potential:

  • To network, share, strengthen, help and succeed
  • To debate, discuss and explore intellectual knowledge and pursuits
  • To lead in efforts of social advocacy and action