Kalabharathi is a family-oriented, community-based organization. Its beginnings go back more than 20 years, to late 2002, when fewer than 10 families got together to host the first ever community-based celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi
in the New York Metro area.

Since then, Kalabharathi has grown into an extended group over 50 families.

In starting this informal group and now a formal nonprofit organization since 2012, its goal was, and continues to be, to celebrate our culture, traditions and festivals as emigre Americans.

Its main purpose is to offer a community forum that brings families together to collectively take part in celebrations of festivals, and social and cultural events.

Under Kalabharathi, as an extended family, we celebrate these events to not only remember and reconnect with our culturals roots, but also to provide a window to know and pass on to our next generation, through experience from these
events, their cultural history and heritage.

For the past 16 years, Kalabharathi has continued to host and promote cultural and social events by involving families in NY Metro area. And, as you all know, Kalabharathi has been holding its signature event, Ganesha Chaturthi festival as
a 9 or 11-day community celebration, and once again this coming August, it will host its 16th Continuous celebration.

In addition to Ganesha Festival, KB has also hosted: Ugaadi, Dassehra, Deepavali festivals; and other events like Summer Picnics, and volunteer services by bringing together families from our community.

Over the years, our team Kalabharathi has established itself as a diverse and committed group within our Indian community locally and regionally. Our annual Ganesh festival is one that’s most awaited celebration of the year by our children,
and may be by some adults as well!

As some of our children who have grown with Kalabharathi into mature young professionals attest, “Kalabharathi has given them an extended family to bond with, and provided them a nurturing platform to experience and learn our cultural ways”

As a team, we are proud of these young professionals, and glad that our efforts played a bit role in their achievements.

Our long‐term goal is to:

Expand collective events to Indian Art, Music, Theater and Drama Offer learning opportunities – Languages, Crafts, and Skills Provide recreational activities – to Families, Elderly, Youth and Children

Transform into an organization that offers our next generation a window: To know and experience their cultural history and heritage Get exposure to Wonder that’s India – a way of life their parents experienced

Provide a platform, where past and present converge, for a future potential:
  • To network, share, strengthen, help and succeed
  • To debate, discuss and explore Intellectual Knowledge and Pursuits
  • To lead in efforts of social advocacy and action